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The Alchemist Team


Raymond Lin


"It’s easy to have a great team working around me who share the same passions and beliefs with this brand, because the products are just so unbelievable!"

Raymond has been in the supplement industry as a retailer and wholesales for more than 10 years. He continues to manage and succeed in multiple business endeavours, raise a family and keep his health in tip top shape by taking Living Alchemy products. He is our number one believer!


Irene Pauline Humpelstetter

Certified Nutritional Practitioner

"We work hard together as a team for our customers. We are here to serve, to plant seeds of knowledge and provide the right tools for people to gain control of their health again and its easy to do with Living Alchemy when you know the products are as effective and natural as supplements can be."

Irene Pauline is a trusted nutritional expert, lecturer and holistic lifestyle advocate. Her journey started when she beat cancer and now, she supports others in how to reach their greatest potential in health and wellness. With a Bachelor of Commerce and as Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Irene actively practises her passion daily at Living Alchemy, as the Manager of Marketing and Education.


Whitney Douglas


"When I hear stories from parents that our products have literally changed the lives of their children, I know what we're doing here is special and making a huge impact on people’s quality of life."

Whitney Douglas is an award-winning entrepreneur and has been working in the natural health products industry for 15 years. Her passion for alternative health began at a young age, born into a family of practitioners and healers. After attending the University of Guelph Whitney began her career in NHP sales, she instantly fell in love with the spirit of the industry and never looked back. As a busy Mom of 3, Whitney sees the difference using Living Alchemy products firsthand and loves connecting with other parents and customers about their experiences.


Yuttapong Singjunla, PhD


"It is always challenging and exciting to discover new products that have great benefits and to see how powerful these natural products can be in the end."

Yuttapong received his PhD from France. His research focused on developing non-proteinogenic amino acids and its application in drug synthesis. He worked in a nutraceutical company over 3 years as a QC/R&D scientist to develop natural product extraction methods and formulate new products in the laboratory. Since August 2020, he has joined Living Alchemy as a Product Development Scientist. He is responsible for ensuring the highest possible quality natural supplements to our customers.

It's a Team Effort & We Do This For You!