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Ferment Active™ Series A New Paradigm of Activated Herbals

Ferment Active™ Series A New Paradigm of Activated Herbals

For our Ferment Active™, Living Alchemy uses the ancient art of fermentation to activate herbs and foods into their superior form to support our modern day physical and mental stress. We produce these using a traditional, month long fermentation containing diverse select species of microorganisms from kefir and kombucha cultures. This activation delivers the complete, activated herb within a living food matrix for exceptional vitality and bioavailability.

Our Ferment Active™ formulas deliver the whole of each organic herb and food in an enhanced, activated, and highly bioavailable form like no other. Instead of focusing just on one particular compound within the herb or food, we use our diverse strain Kefir-kombucha culture to transform the entire herb or food into its activated state. In essence, it’s microbes perfecting herbs and foods, or rather, life perfecting nature. Only a long, traditional fermentation process can produce herbs and foods in this perfect state where your body recognizes and utilizes the nutrients to deeply nourish itself.


Whether it's physical or mental stress, bringing the body back into balance is necessary. Diet and lifestyle changes are a given, but fermented herbs and foods are powerful in their anti-stress effects. Our Ferment Active Series formulas give you the strength you need to take on your day.

Ferment Active™ TURMERIC is a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant with an outstanding 983% more tetrahydo-curcumin to enhance the wellbeing. Ferment Active™ TURMERIC promotes joint health and mobility, provides immune support and works to provide a healthy inflammatory response to the body.

Ferment ActiveRHODIOLA gives you the energy you need to finish your workout or chase after your kids. It increases stamina and energy and has a 300% greater effect than Rhodiola extract after 7 days on both stress & anxiety.

Ferment ActiveHOLY BASIL supports your mental health and helps brighten your mood. It promotes relaxation and reduces stress hormones. This is a highly bioavailable form of holy basil to provide synergistic support for the nervous system.

Ferment ActiveAHWAGANDHA focuses on your adrenals and providing overall vitality. It improves anxiety and mood, while helping focus and concentration. Our Ferment Active™ ASHWAGANDHA uses certified organic Bacopa and certified organic Turmeric which has many anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help with stress, anxiety, and depression.

Ferment ActiveMLK THISTLE revitalizes and strengthens your liver while encouraging your body to effectively detox. It also normalizes liver enzymes and liver function. Milk Thistle filters toxins from the body by regenerating damaged liver cells, protecting healthy liver cells and aids in the production of new stronger cells.

Our Ferment Active™ formulas contain no fillers, additives or excipients and they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Plus, Living Alchemy is USDA certified organic by International Certification Services Inc and Non-GMO Project verified.

A Kefir-Kombucha Coconut Yogurt

A Kefir-Kombucha Coconut Yogurt

The history of kombucha is a mystery but the most likely place of origin is Asia as far back as two thousand years ago. Only recently has it become popular with a North American audience. Kombucha is a fermented drink made from bacteria and yeast with either black or green tea.

It’s really the fermentation process that gives kombucha it’s nutritious value and benefits. Fermentation is a metabolic process that converting sugar into chemical compounds such as yeast as in bread or lactic acid such as in sauerkraut, enhancing the good microorganisms including the probiotic bacteria in the fermentation.

This coconut yogurt features Living Alchemy’s Your Flora Symbiotics made with an exclusive Kefir-kombucha fermentation.

The probiotics produced during fermentation supports with gut health, improving digestion and inflammation while reducing bloating. Also optimizing your gut with probiotics can help cope with stress, anxiety, and increase your energy levels too.

There are a wide variety of fermented foods, which we eat in our diet including sauerkraut, tempeh, miso, and a staple of most North America diets – yogurt. Yogurt is typically produced by bacterial fermentation of dairy milk, however, there are other alternatives such as coconut yogurt, which we will give you a special recipe for.

Did you know that making coconut yogurt at home is surprisingly simple? Fermented coconut yogurt is very nutritious and rich in fiber and minerals. We have a simple two-step recipe with only two ingredients giving you a delicious and simple snack, dessert or breakfast.

This coconut yogurt features Living Alchemy’s Your Flora Symbiotics – the next generation of probiotics, which are made with an exclusive Kefir-kombucha fermentation.

Just follow these simple steps and you and Your Flora will enjoy!

Fermented coconut yogurt is very nutritious and rich in fiber and minerals.

Two Ingredients:

1. Coconut Cream

Refrigerate a can of full-fat coconut milk for a minimum of 12 hours. Scoop off all the coconut cream from the top of the can and place in a glass jar. Mix in 2 tablespoons of the coconut water left from the bottom of the can. Add more coconut water if you prefer a thinner texture of yogurt.

2. Your Flora FAMILY Symbiotics

Using Living Alchemy’s Your Flora FAMILY, made with organic bananas and BC blueberries, twist open 6 capsules into a small bowl.

Two Steps:

1. Mix

Stir the Your Flora FAMILY powder into the coconut cream. Make sure there are no lumps of powder and everything is mixed well.

2. Ferment!

Cover the jar with a clean dish cloth or cheesecloth and secure with an elastic band. Place in a room temperature area, out of direct sunlight, for 12 hours. If you like yogurt that’s more tart, let ferment for longer. Refrigerate once you’ve reached your desired taste.

Optional, but to make it even better….

Top yogurt with your favorite fresh or dried fruits, nuts, granola, cacao or stir in chia seeds to make chia pudding. Add organic, raw honey for more medicinal benefits and as a natural sweetener.

Recipe by: Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Irene Pauline @irenepauline

Product feature: Your Flora FAMILY @TheRealAlchemy

A Healthy Terrain with Your Flora SYMBIOTICS

A Healthy Terrain with Your Flora SYMBIOTICS
Our digestive system is a wonder to behold. The gastrointestinal (GI) tract performs a variety of functions, including breaking down food, absorption, secretion, and boosting our immune system. As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, our gut can influence our mental health, as well as a variety of other functions in the body. While we will focus specifically on the gut (i.e. the small and large intestines), it’s important to note that the GI tract starts in the esophagus and finishes at the anus. Digestion includes all of these vital organs that you can see in the diagram below.