What is a Symbiotic?

What is a Symbiotic?

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Symbiosis is the intimate relationship between different organisms living and evolving in harmony within an ecosystem for the benefit of each other. It's become more than another buzzword word in the gut health circles that symbolises a lifestyle to build a healthy foundation of gut bacteria rather than rely on probiotic supplements to resolve deep foundational digestive issues.

Symbiosis, symbiotic or even synbiotic is an offshoot of physiologist Claude Bernard's terrain theory from the 1800's — the ‘terrain’ of the body is more important than the ‘pathogens’ that infect it. In other words, his theory explained why some people become ill to an exposed pathogen, whereas others who are exposed to the same pathogen do not.

Symbiosis is like watching grass seed bloom on a healthy bed of soil. Taking probiotics that does not include ingredients that actively heal the 'terrain' is like spreading grass seed on cement and expecting grass to grow.

Studies show that the use of symbiotics promote an increased number of bifidobacteria, stronger glycemic control, reduced blood cholesterol and balancing the intestinal flora in turn reducing constipation and or diarrhea along with other benefits like improving intestinal permeability and stimulating the immune system.

Is Fermented Food a Symbiotic?

Fermented food is made from diverse living cultures. Through their transformation, fermented food posses a diverse number of good bacteria, probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes and dense nutrients that lays a healthy foundation for good health.

It's what makes our Your Flora Probiotic a true symbiotic. We ferment our probiotic through a process called Symbio® that includes two different mediums containing diverse microorganisms and together create a perfect living harmonious relationship. These mediums include diverse microorganisms from water-based kefir grains and from a caffeine-free kombucha scoby in a small-batch fermentation with certified organic whole foods; all together creating a dynamic and beneficial ecosystem.

This traditional and natural fermentation process allows whole foods to be enhanced, bioactivated, highly absorbable, and triggers the body to intuitively recognises and utilise to maximum, therapeutic effect.

How are Your Flora® Probiotics different?

You've might have seen the term "50 Billion CFU" on a probiotic supplement label if you've ever gone shopping for one. But what exactly is CFU?

CFU stands for "colony forming unit," and it refers to the number of cells that can multiply to form a colony. A colony refers to individual colonies of bacteria, yeast or mold growing together in harmony.

Many probiotics tout their high CFU count as the only criterion for quality. The higher the CFUs, the higher the price. But how are you expected to know if that is the quality mark? Is it worth it to pay the price for more CFUs, and is that all that matters?

When selecting a probiotic, many people evaluate the quantity of colony forming units. Some companies make a big deal about their high count. But we're here to tell you that this is the wrong approach.

High CFU probiotics are lab-made microorganisms grown to dictate your flora, achieve CFU numbers and may not include a diverse amount of beneficial microbes, enzymes, peptides and nutrients for your own gut flora to thrive. More CFU is not the key to a healthy gut, the environment is! 

Living Alchemy’s Your Flora® Probiotics are designed to enhance gut flora, it is food for your microbes to thrive. Your Flora® is the only plant based Symbiotic available that is 100% natural and made from certified organic whole foods.

The majority of conventional probiotics on the shelves are laboratory made and cannot be certified organic. They are lab-made microorganisms grown to dictate your flora, achieve CFU numbers and may not include a diverse amount of beneficial microbes, enzymes, peptides and nutrients for your own gut flora to thrive. See some of the differences below and to learn more about Living Alchemy’s unique and effective ingredients and approach see the Advantages here.

What Probiotic is Best?

Finding the right probiotic for you really depends on your unique situation and gut health goals. We recommend finding one that has a mix of nutrients, probiotics, prebiotics, postbiotics that will simultaneously work together to fix some of the underlying issues you might be experiencing.

We've created a line up of Your Flora® Probiotics for everyone based on your digestive constitution. For instance, if your main digestive complaint is gas and bloating choose Your Flora® COMFORT, if it’s a leaky gut choose Your Flora® TERRAIN or for vaginal flora and urinary tract balance try Your Flora® WOMAN.

We've also developed a simple quiz to help you find which one is right for you.

This is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice of a healthcare professional. Therefore, it should not be used to diagnose or treat any health care problem or for prescription of any medication.
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