Using Fermented Nutrients To Fight The Common Cold

Using Fermented Nutrients To Fight The Common Cold

There are numerous ways you can stop a cold in its tracks. For example, getting a flu shot causes antibodies to develop in your body which provides protection against infection from the viruses that are in the vaccine, however many times it can be ineffective. Depending on your body’s characteristics and how well the doctors can match the strains of the actual flu virus with the vaccine agent used, the flu shot can give you mixed results This is why more people are looking for a better alternative and are turning to a more natural solution.

Long before the production of flu shots, cough syrup, and pharmaceuticals, humans relied on natural herbs and plants to fight various health issues. Turmeric, oregano, garlic, and thyme, for example, has a long history for fighting diseases, blood pressure and inflammation.


How Does Fermentation Help?

Fermentation has been a part of our diet as far back as 6,000 BC. It has been used for medicine, preservation, ceremonial purposes, and to activate healthy nutrients. From soy sauce in China, miso in Japan, to kimchi in Korea, and Sauerkraut in Europe, ancient cultures have always used the power of fermentation.

In recent years, the general population has realized the fermentation process enhances the herb and plant nutrients to improve overall health. Fermentation actually transforms herbs and plants into more active nutrients so they become more powerful.

At Living Alchemy, we ferment our whole foods and herbs in a weeks-long process which increases the number and strength of strains and allows your bacteria to work harmoniously together.  Adding a variety of fermented certified organic plants and herbs, for example, garlic, ginger, and cloves into your diet is a great way to stay healthy, boost your defences, and keep flu bugs away.

Our Defense formula combines 35 strains of live bacteria and uses kefir-kombucha combined with fermented herbs and plants. Herbs like oregano, garlic and thyme can kill bad bacteria at contact. Garlic is known for its anti-microbicidal anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties. Ingredients such as shiitake mushrooms are an amazing immune stimulant, activating white blood cells. If you take Defense 1- 3 times a day the fermented nutrients will help your immune system fight the flu this winter.

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