The Problem with Counting Bacteria in Probiotics

The Problem with Counting Bacteria in Probiotics

When looking at probiotic products, it is common to believe that a higher number of bacteria means a better probiotic. However, with probiotics we are dealing with living organisms and the rule of “numbers” does not so readily apply.

Did you know that in a healthy environment, bacteria can divide every 20 minutes? In theory, if you provided your body with 1 single bacterium, and if your environment is right to encourage and support life, there would be 68.7 billion in 12 hours!

Alternatively, if a supplement capsule is filled with every human being on Earth (all 7 billion of us) and it’s sent to Mars which has a terrain unfit for human life, then not one of us would be able to survive. The same applies to probiotics being launched into an unhealthy environment in the gut. The bacteria may be good but if the environment in the gut is not right, they cannot and will not survive.

“At Living Alchemy we don’t believe in counting numbers. We don’t even believe in taking probiotics to fix a problem. We believe in Living Culture Symbiotics that support the body’s natural ecosystem and environment – by providing a natural ecosystem and environment.”

Let’s start with you and your gut flora. The gut flora is an environment with its very own ecosystem that is unique to each and every one of us and home to trillions of bacteria and hundreds of different species. Not only does the gut flora affect both your physical and emotional health, but it’s essential for it to be healthy and balanced to avoid digestive problems and the potential build up of disease.

But the gut flora can easily be thrown off balance. Stress, allergens, rich foods and illness can all have an effect on this delicate ecosystem, which in turn can create problems for us – sometimes on a daily basis. The health of your gut flora is due to the environment that has been created by you.

Probiotic products were created simply to replenish the healthy bacteria in your digestive tract. Unfortunately, the majority of these products can never provide the vast diversity of probiotic species needed nor have the nutrients to help them colonise or nourish the all important terrain they live in. They do not provide an ecosystem or environment.

This is why we created Your Flora: Living Culture Symbiotics, an ecosystem in a capsule

Instead of concentrating on the number of bacteria, Your Flora: Living Culture Symbiotics focus on the gut flora using the symbiotic approach. This re-harmonises, balances and supports the gut’s environment so that the good bacteria delivered in our capsules are able to survive, thrive and protect our delicate gut flora.

Imagine the possibilities when supporting your gut flora through the Living Culture Symbiotic approach. Imagine an ecosystem of life living and evolving in harmony with you. Imagine the effects that fermented nourishment has on your health, beyond your gut flora. Living Alchemy trusts nature to provide solutions for health that only nature can offer.

Within each of our Your Flora products, we feature the Living Culture Symbiotic with the addition of organic, therapeutic herbs and foods for a wide variety of digestive imbalances.

Your Flora: Living Culture Symbiotics are certified organic by ICS, non-GMO, gluten and dairy free, and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. They are also free from all excipients, binders, additives and any artificial ingredients or chemicals at every stage of manufacture.

To learn more, please visit our Your Flora Series page.

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