Start with Healthy Foundation

Start with Healthy Foundation

It’s easy to overindulge in foods we may not eat on a regular basis, and hey that’s okay! However, if your gut is feeling a little off due to too many treats, then you may want to think about amping up your gut health this week!

So here are my tips for getting your gut and digestive system back on track!

  • Up your greens! Start your day off with a cold-pressed juice, or a green smoothie. I like to add a tsp of spirulina powder to my morning smoothie as this dark rich algae helps to detoxify the body. Starting the day off with something green will help set the tone for your day, and can help alkalinize and hydrate your body.
  • Eat plant-based meals. This is not about sticking to a specific diet; it’s about eating lighter, easy to digest meals to help your system get back on track. Enjoy a big bowl of greens for dinner; add hemp seeds, avocado, and apple cider vinegar with olive oil to really boost your gut health.
  • Add a gut-supporting supplement. I personally love and recommend Living Alchemy’s Foundation supplement because it’s made from fermented organic whole foods to help support a healthy gut flora, and I’m all about choosing supplements from real foods! This formula uses ingredients such as fermented turmeric, spinach, and beetroot providing your body nutrients and antioxidants needed to support a healthy gut and immune system!

With spring just around the corner, it’s easy to get off track. It’s important to be able to nourish your body and choose whole foods, but sometimes life gets in the way! Realistically, are you going to have the time to eat a bowl of sauerkraut on a bed of greens while taking a road trip or sitting on a beach? I know I don’t!

Living Alchemy has made it simple and easy with their kefir-kombucha fermented formula combining 35 beneficial strains providing super bio-availability. By adding this gut-supporting supplement, you will help maintain an overall healthy flora, which is key in overall wellness. Gut health doesn’t have to be complicated, start with a healthy foundation!

-Laura Ashley, CNP

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