Award-Winning Fermented Organic Whole Food Supplements

Award-Winning Fermented Organic Whole Food Supplements

Living Alchemy is dedicated to formulating fermented herbal remedies and Symbiotics (probiotics, prebiotics, and enzymes) that support your health and help you feel your absolute best. Our passionate team works everyday to provide you with products that aren’t just unique, but effective!

We are proud to announce that Living Alchemy is a Canadian award-winning line of fermented whole food supplements, with a total of thirteen awards presented by alive Awards Retail & Consumer Choice. This year we have won six awards including Silver for ASHWAGANDHA Alive and Bronze for our new product, Your Flora PROFESSIONAL. We are overjoyed to be a part of the annual alive Awards showcasing the best in natural health for more than 20 years.

Thank you to our customers and retail partners who voted for us. As always, we appreciate your support in helping us bring you the highest quality effective products.

2019 – Best New Supplement – Retailer
2019 – Best New Supplement – Consumer


⦁ Improves anxiety & mood
⦁ Helps focus & concentration
⦁ A complete profile of fermentation activated nutrients

2019 – Best Herbal Supplement – Retailer
2019 – Best Herbal Supplement – Consumer
2018 – Best Herbal Supplement – Retailer
2018 – Best Herbal Supplement – Consumer


⦁ Promotes joint health & mobility
⦁ 983% more tetrahyrdo-curcumin to enhance immune support
⦁ Full spectrum of active curcumins from whole turmeric
⦁ Provides superior bioavailability of curcumins

2019 – Best Immune Product – Retailer
2017 – Best Immune Product – Retailer


⦁ Helps relief of cold & flu
⦁ Rebalances microbial overgrowth
⦁ Manages yeast balance
⦁ Promotes immune support

2019 – Best Digestive Health Product – Retailer


⦁ Complete gut relief
⦁ Whole food Symbiotic, including probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes & nutrients
⦁ 35 strains of beneficial bacteria
⦁ Proven 80% survival of microbes

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