Achieving Success for the Whole Family This September

Achieving Success for the Whole Family This September

That time of year again, summer has come to a close and the kids are going back to school. September can be daunting for many families, parents, and children alike as the laid back feeling of summer has to go and a strict routine is on the horizon. Not only that, but children face the pressure of maintaining their grades and relationships and parents have the pressure of keeping up with activities and staying organized. While back to school can be ominous, there are many things you can do to make it more manageable while also looking after your family’s health. Here are some of our tips for setting yourself up for success this September.

Meal Prep Dinners & Snacks
Every parent wants to provide healthy meals for their child, however the hustle and bustle of back to school can make it quite challenging. Meal prep is an essential tool for having a successful, healthy week. Pick a day to plan out your meals, grocery shop, and prep everything ahead of time. (Usually the weekend works better for most families.) You don’t have to prepare everything in advance, but even chopping vegetables, washing fruit, or setting aside snacks for your kids to put in their lunches can reduce a lot of stress and chaos. Think about what you can make ahead of time and plan accordingly. Also why not get the whole family involved and make it an activity?

Go Through Clothes & Supplies – Donate What You Don’t Need
Before school starts, go through all of your kids’ clothes and supplies. This will not only reduce clutter and help you get organized, but then you can plan ahead for what you need to buy for the new year. Plus, there are many kids that would benefit from secondhand clothing and school supplies. Donate what you don’t need to your local thrift store or charity so that someone else can enjoy your unused items.

Implement a Consistent Bedtime
Sleep is equally important as diet and exercise. If your family isn’t sleeping at consistent times and for an adequate amount of hours, it is more likely that they will struggle with school and with their health. Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep per night1 and children need about 8-11 hours.2 If you ensure that your whole family, including yourself, is getting a sufficient amount of sleep, you will set everyone up in your household for success, especially the little growing minds!

Always Eat Breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast has the power to set you up for an energetic and productive day or to slow you down as the hours tick by. Don’t let your children go to school without breakfast and it doesn’t have to be fancy! An apple with peanut butter on toast can go a long way. While your kids are eating their breakfast, make sure that you give yourself something nutritious to eat too! Your children aren’t the only ones that need energy to tackle the day.

Be Active
It’s very important to make sure your whole family is getting plenty of exercise. In our modern society, it is far too easy to stay inside and let TV, video games and all the other screens distract us. While those things aren’t inherently bad, it’s important to instill in your family the importance of staying active. Whether you sign up your kids for their favourite sport, enroll them in a dance class, or simply encourage them to play outside, your children will be happier and healthier if they live an active lifestyle. Don’t forget: your children are more likely to pursue an active life if you participant in one as well. Not only are you setting a good example, but you can also participate in physical activities with your whole family.

Take Care of Your Gut Health with Living Alchemy Your Flora FAMILY
Your gut is the foundation for overall health and wellness. It is vital that you are ensuring your family is maintaining their digestive health through consuming whole, fermented foods. This is why Living Alchemy has created Your Flora FAMILY, a Symbiotic (prebiotic, probiotic, enzymes and nutrients) made with certified organic British Columbia, Canadian blueberries and bananas. We use a natural and traditional living culture Kefir-kombucha process to ferment certified organic whole foods. This method creates a variety of beneficial and strong micro-organisms that can survive in your digestive tract and is suitable for your whole family. As you swing into September, you can rest assured knowing that your family’s gut health is taken care of with Your Flora FAMILY.

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