Alive Series

A New Paradigm in Activated Nutrients

Living Alchemy uses the ancient art of fermentation to activate turmeric into their superior form. We ferment our finest organic turmeric using a month long fermentation containing 35 select species of micro-organisms for kefir and kombucha cultures. This activation delievers the complete of the herb within a living food matrix exceptional vitality and bio-availability.

  • Full Spectrum of Active Curcumins

    1000% More Tetrahydro-Curcumin

  • Superior Bio-availability

    Unique Kefir-kombucha Fermentation

Discover The Products

A Complete Profile of Active Curcumins

Our Turmeric Alive delivers the whole of turmeric in an enhanced activated and highly bio-available form, One powerful benefit of Turmeric Alive is the creation of a complete profile of curcumins, including the highly active Tetrahydro-Curcumin

Superior Bio-Availability & Nutrition

Fermentation creates a highly bio-available form of active turmeric that becomes more water souble and nutrient dense. Only in its natural, whole, living state can the herb provide the full activated synergy of nature

White Gold: Tetrahydro-Curcumin

One type of curcumin created through fermentation is a pigment-free, white form called Tetrahydro-Curcumin . This form is shown to be far more bio-available and has complementary actions to other curcumins