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What the Body Needs The Way Nature Intended

Nature has the ancient power to heal and nurture in a way that no human-made foods can emulate. As a holistic North American brand, Living Alchemy believes in the importance of staying true to personal values and traditions; therefore Living Alchemy will only provide you with 100% clean and natural ingredients, without any extra additives or fillers, from our living whole food supplements.

At Living Alchemy, we use a unique Kefir-kombucha fermentation process that transforms whole foods and herbs, creating bio-activated nutrients that the body intuitively recognizes and utilizes for maximum therapeutic effect. Click here to view all of our products made for you.

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Our Mission

Living Alchemy’s mission is to be leaders in natural health solutions, using innovative natural food supplements to support health and vitality.

We are pioneers in using traditional methods to transform food and herbs into bio-activated states for helping modern day health issues.

Nature and purity is the backbone of our manufacturing and our products. All of our methods and ingredients are traditional and natural and we avoid any synthetic ingredients at every stage.

We act with consciousness and utilize ethical practices, we only use certified organic, non-GMO ingredients and sustainable methods.

We are passionately advancing the education and research in activated nutrients through various research programs.

Ultimately, we hope to inspire a belief and trust in mother earth and the wisdom of nature as the most effective tool for health and vitality.